lists of things no1

Tuesday, 22 December 2015


discovering objects. +
because of their functionality and design / idea, not just because. i like rethinking objects and admire people that constantly do it and have a smart angle to it.

here's an idea in the category of why didn't i think of it first
combining digital & objects is hugely satisfactory, kind of like a great big print of art. the quality is also a massive plus. 

bonus point: geeky and proud - learning how to make your own glitch. supporting the artist / maker.


the credits go to DLF, for being cool ladies with awesome talents.
the branch is the most natural art bit i can think of. kind of like an installation, but even more fluid and changeable. 
(would go with high ceilings and bright rooms. or moody spaces)

bonus point: the cat can't nibble at it.



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