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Saturday, 19 December 2015

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the Fjord trends 2016
trends impacting design, business, government and society
a yearly trend report isn't always the most exciting thing. 
but this one is.

i particularly liked 3 areas - they're well thought out and sustainable, but also easy to imagine creatively. 
they all serve their purpose, but that's because they're awesome!
& also because the guys at Fjord have picked out remarkable examples and future pointers for each category, which is so up to date it's thrilling.

no 1
the thinking list 

goes hand in hand with simplicity and minimalist concepts.
it refers to the endless options that we, the consumers, have to sift through and how simplifying that list comes into focus.
aimed mainly at services, this line of thinking also works on a personal level.

no 2
for the people

approachable government design is, honestly, something that we rarely talk about, even in the design industry. it's always applaudable, but a monster to tackle (i can only imagine).
creatively, it's a challenge to rethink and modify something so stiff. the greatest example is, i think, the swedish lead in plain language standards in communication. but 2015 has proved to be a year that this brought this issue to light because of sheer necessity - we look for transparency and ease of use everywhere now, on every level. even in the parliaments.

no 3
watch, it listens

calling the fact that technology has evolved up to the point where it can guess our needs is impressive, and they have used a term that is spot on: micromoments. tech trends have stopped being ubiquitous and have stepped into our

whew, that's a lot to think about.
list initially found on fastcodesign - basic resource for updated generally great content.


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