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Sunday, 31 January 2016

example: greg barth - illusions
art [ahrt] noun
2. the class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria; works of art collectively, as paintings, sculpture, or drawings: 

a museum of art; an art collection. 


on the second definition, things get more specific. i love that, by nature, defining anything in the world means not using negatives (see what i did? subtle!).
when you describe what something is, you don't compare it to what it's not. like my frog isn't an apple or a squirrel. so the words are happy, they don't judge and give you what you need to make sense of them. (this leads me to think a thesaurus is so much fun to dig through. ah, the possibilities. + to do: go to the library and study up!)

we're on objects at this point, and the school must be in session because classes just formed! the rest goes to name very traditional forms of art. i'd expand on that to say that, i think at least nowadays, each area of art can cover so much ground, it would be silly not to include them in our purpose.
let's brainstorm, shall we?
my favorites include installations, exhibitions (and, evidently, the art within them, whichever form it may take), industrial design, object-oriented design, manufacturing, all that geeky stuff that gets made into real experiences. so we're not really out of the woods and into the super digital side of art yet. we've still got a bit to go

definition still via my favorite thesaurus on a sunday. (lucky me!)

links read in reference:
. it wasn't until the 1960's that the term art installation was added
. my dear website doesn't give definitions to information art, but that does lead us to wikipedia. cool.
. then designing an object. geeky and generally useful. or at least fun. still an artform!

good week goal - unlocked!


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