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Saturday, 16 January 2016


a blog with an unusual format. and even more lovely, sort of abstract looking interiors. refreshing sh*t! annaleena and her shop are both smart, beautifully designed and styled, always a pleasure.

i'd love to analyze the style that she grew. stockholm and good branding. what more is there to say?


image via vastmix


opinion pieces from smart humans. this guy right here is my newest read. 

i admire his dedication and ability to just start up sites that solve a problem. 
he talks about that and many other struggles based on good insights, so what's not to love?

random digital collection


a recently released digital library is like an amazing gift. this one, from the NY public library, is dreamy. i always find myself looking for flowers, old illustrations or publications, stories, all of that stuff i admire in brick and mortar libraries so rarely.

so much history is a beautiful thing.


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